DRC Wipers

DRC is a durable cloth like general purpose wiper. Strong and highly absorbent this is one of the industries most widely used wipers. Ideal for wiping up grease, oils, small spills and cleaning parts and tools. Durable enough to handle most solvents.

Part # Color Size Style Weight Qty/Case
556-B Blue 12" x 13" Flat Pack Medium 300
NS720 White 12" x 13" 1/4-Fold Heavy 720
NS900 White 12" x 13" 1/4-Fold Heavy 900
NS5021 White 9" x 16" Popup Heavy 8/100
NS7544 White 9" x 17" Popup Medium 9/100
NS75470 White 12" x 13" Center Pull Box Medium 275
NS251CTRPL White 9" x 13" Center Pull Roll Medium 6/280’
NS306 White 9” x 11” Roll Light 20
DRC Wipers DRC Wipers DRC Wipers