Pre-Moistened Wipers

WI-850-6 Towels

Our WI-850-6 towels, are strong yet gentle, reinforced disposable towels that are pre-soaked in a safe biodegradable orange d-Limonene solution for cleaning all types of soil quickly. Ideal for cleaning hands, equipment, furniture, and personal belongings. Whisk-Its removes grease, oil, tar, ink, sealant, insulating foam and other contaminants.

Part # Color Size Style Qty/Case
WI-850-6 White 10” x 12” Popup 75/6

9060 Power Wipe

The 9060 Power Wipe contains a dual textured towel with purple scrubbers on one side for deeper, faster cleaning, Ideal for grease, paint, oils, lubricants and tar.

Part # Color Size Style Qty/Case
9060 Purple 9” x 12” Popup 90/6
9060 Power Wipe WI-850-6 Towels